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  1. (It’s very urgent, please transfer this message to your CEO. Thanks)

    We are the domain registration and solution center in China. On 25-03-2020, we received an application from Kanghong Ltd requested “bdlogisticsolutions” as their internet keyword and China (CN) domain names (bdlogisticsolutions.cn, bdlogisticsolutions.com.cn, bdlogisticsolutions.net.cn, bdlogisticsolutions.org.cn). But after checking it, we find this name conflict with your company name or trademark. In order to deal with this matter better, it’s necessary to send this message to your company and confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China?

    Best Regards
    Steve Liu | Service & Operations Manager
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    1. Johnson Robert


      Black Diamond Logistics LLC (An Arizona LLC) and Black Diamond BPO for Logistics Inc.(A Philippine Corporation) have no affiliation with any company in China. Our domain name is bdlogisticsolutions.com and any use of our name or the Domain Name would be a violation of our copyright.

      We do NOT have a distributor or business partner in China.

      Thank you for your attention and for questioning us about the validity of the use of our IP.

      Robert Johnson

    2. Johnson Robert


      I have also been made aware of the fact that bdlogisticsolutions.net is also registered to the Black Diamond Group as well.

      Thanks again.

      Robert Johnson
      Black Diamond Logistics LLC

  2. I would never do business with you!!
    If you trust your drivers so little
    that you feel that you must track their every move
    to ensure that your business is properly completed,
    you are too insecure for my satisfaction!!
    Your lack of ability to perceive character is saddening!!

    1. Johnson Robert


      Im responding to your comments about your preserved belief that my clients or I have no faith in our respective employees.

      I would agree with your primus if tracking employees and wanting to monitor there every move for your perceived reasons were the purpose of our services and equipment. But unfortunately for you, it is not.

      The truth is that we respect them; we do have trust and total confidence in them; this is why we provide tracking equipment so they can record their activity. There are several reasons to monitor assets, both human and mechanical.

      The primary reason for tracking is “liability.” We protect our employees, our client’s employees, and the reputations of the business they represent. The ability to prove to a court of law and an insurance company that drivers “ARE” being responsible and are “NOT” doing what they are often falsely accused of doing. Asset tracking and monitoring saves millions of dollars in frivolous lawsuits and claims and saves jobs. You see, these products and services protect the very drivers you claim we hold in contempt!

      Drivers accused of damage or wrongdoing reported by the “victim” weeks or months after the incident allegedly occurred offer the employees (and clients) no evidence of innocence except for “he said, she said.” And remember, in a court, there is always the false presumption, the commercial enterprise or their employees have deep pockets. It is also faultily perceived that the bill will go to an insurance company, so no one is damaged. Commercial drivers, and their employers, in the overwhelming majority of these cases, will be found liable for damage where no evidence to the contrary is available, and no factual physical evidence of actual guilt exists. Our tracking equipment and services provide real physical evidence that the driver and vehicle were not at the location on a specific time or date. No matter how long ago the alleged incident occurred, our equipment and services can prove the driver is not liable for any damage falsely claimed.

      We have seen cases where a competitor will falsely report to Law Enforcement that a driver was “speeding” or “cut off traffic.” With our equipment and monitoring services, there is no way these types of false claims can cause damage to the driver or the companies they work for if we “track (and record) their every move,” as you say.

      Recovery of stolen vehicles (and assets) is another benefit to having our equipment and monitoring services. The driver stops at his/her first delivery of the day, loads the hand cart with packages, locks up the truck, and goes into a store to make the delivery. As he/she is delivering packages, and getting necessary signatures, his/her vehicle has been broken into and stolen. The expensive vehicle and $175,000.00 worth of merchandise are now missing.

      I do not question the employee. I know he/she locked and secured the truck, as do my clients because my client and I have trained the employee and have worked with him/her for years. But when it comes to Law Enforcement and Insurance Companies? They do not trust anyone. You must always be able to prove your innocence and adherence to the law and procedures consistently.

      In this incident, with one quick call, vehicle and merchandise are located and recovered. A ring of thieves is out of business, and the client’s employee still has a job because of our equipment “tracking every move.”

      False claims by customers accusing technicians of overbilling are also everyday events that our equipment and services can help resolve. The Technician can show that he/she was at a specific location at a particular date and for a specified time.

      Proper maintenance of equipment and driver inspection reports help protect drivers as well. Drivers or operators using our equipment and services will do a “pre-trip” or “pre-use” inspection then document that inspection with our equipment and services. The driver can take pictures of items such as tire wear or physical damage to the vehicle he/she is inspecting, and report it. The employer or owner can not come back and accuse the driver or operator of not reporting the defect. If there is ever an issue over safety concerns, the driver can use the equipment and services we provide to transmit questions and images to the fleet manager (or boss) to determine if it is ok to operate or the corrective course of action. There is always a permanent, verbatim record of the interaction between employee and supervisor.

      So, you see InGodAllisPossable; maybe you should be doing business with one of my clients or me! We know the character of our employees, drivers, and operators, and if we did not provide them with the tools to protect themselves, that would be saddening!

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