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Tracking made easy

SkyLink Systems Integrated GPS Tracking Devices

Garmin: Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
Dispatching Made Simple

More Efficient Dispatching, Monitor Hours of Service, and location. No moonlighting

Turn-by-Turn Directions 

Messaging and Status Updates in near real time

Mobile Data Collection


Light Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles:

This is our flagship  tracking device which is highly configurable to support optional features. (light-duty or heavy-duty vehicles)



PNP-3000 Tracking Device

Light Vehicles:

PNP-3000 Tracking Device

This Plug-N-Play tracking device connects directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, requiring no installation, and comes equipped with a buzzer for real-time in-cab alerts. (light-duty vehicles only)

GPSI-4000 Tracking Device

Heavy Duty Vehicles:

GPSI-4000 Tracking Device

This advanced GPS tracker supports more features than the GPSI-3900 such as diagnostics and e-logs. (light-duty or heavy-duty vehicles)

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