Manage your fleet/Assets with
SkyLink Systems LLC GPS tracking
and dispatching Services.
fleet/asset intelligence, security & support your business

We are an authorized re-seller of GPS Insight products. Our services include:

  • Fleet/Asset Security Devices
  • Tracking Devices
  • Dispatching Services
  • Records Retention and Reporting Services
  • Reporting
  • Operates full-service 24/7 dispatch centers (BPO’s) in Arizona USA and Pampanga, The Philippines.  These centers are responsible for the security, dispatching and tracking of assist. 
  • We can answer your phones for you 
  • We can process payments for you
  • We can schedule appointments with your customers and clients 
  • We can process orders if you sell things
  • We can assist with the maintenance needs of the client’s equipment and assets
  • We can provide breakdown assistance to small to medium fleet operators.  
  1. We provide In Cab Technologies such as Camera Systems, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) for compliance with Federal Hours of Service Rules 

SkyLink Systems LLC for Logistics Support: 

We monitor the security, safety and well being of heavy equipment, construction equipment and non-self-propelled assets like large pumps, generators, and the like.  In addition to monitoring performance, we can report maintenance interval requirements are due or coming due. If a Pump or Generator leaves a defined area, our dispatchers get a notification from the tracking equipment on that asset.  We contact you to make sure you’re not moving the equipment and just forgot to notify us.  We will let you know that your asset is on the move.  If the move is not authorized, SkyLink Systems LLC dispatchers will notify the appropriate law enforcement agency, monitor, track and report the location of the wayward asset to that agency until it is secure.  We keep the client informed and abreast of the situation as much as possible without putting him in any danger during the event.

In addition to monitoring maintenance intervals, some assets may have the ability for Black Diamond Logistics to monitor fuel quantities and order service for your assets as part of our monitoring and security service. 

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What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and what does it mean?

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